Brain & Mind approach

The brain&mind approach connects the brain with the mind. We see the mind as a separate consciousness and the brain as the organ: the brain. With the brain & mind approach, you make optimal use of the knowledge of how the brain and consciousness work: the sources of all our behavior.

Unfortunately for many people, the cooperation between the brain and consciousness is not balanced. In too many people, the brain has become the boss. They are mainly guided by autopilot (your brain). However, you can also learn to lead your brain from your consciousness. So your brain becomes a tool of your mind, instead of your mind is a tool of your brain.
By learning to manage your brain, you are less led, more focused, get better results, and easily act value-driven. You are also able to adopt other behaviors and act from consciousness sustainably.

In the brain & mind approach, many effective and practical tools help you manage your brain, increase your awareness and ensure optimal cooperation of both.