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Get the best out of your people with a program based on the brain & mind approach

  • Are you looking for a program that gets the best out of your people?
  • Are you looking for a program that makes your people work from their strengths
  • Are you looking for a personal leadership program for your team?
  • Are you looking for a human-centered leadership program
  • Are you looking for a leadership program that realizes observable and visible change?
  • Are you looking for a culture change program that does work?

Then a program based on the brain & mind approach is very suitable.

Leadership with the integration of brain & mind knowledge

The Valk Leadership Company is an expert in applying neuroscience knowledge in personal leadership and professional leadership. We call this neuroleadership. When you know and use how your brain and everyone else’s brain works, you achieve much more. Neuroleadership is not a clever trick or new management belief. It is simply using our knowledge of how the brain works, the source of all our behavior. When you work with that, you become a better leader—both for yourself and for others. The human touch will take on a greater role. Employees will feel more seen and heard and will make better use of their strengths. You get more out of your people.

Topics for a leadership program

Topics that are great for leadership development that gets the best out of people are

1. Mental vitality. Through this program, participants are trained to develop more mentally vital behavior and therefore show less absenteeism. Internal resilience is increased. Dealing with stress is easier. The focus here is mental vitality.
2. Personal leadership. Personal leadership programs contribute to that employees can develop behavior that enables them to manage themselves. This program makes them more stable, more productive, better able to cooperate, and less distracted by the day’s issues.
3. Human-centered Leadership. In the leadership program human leadership, managers are trained in human-centered leadership. As a result, more employees are vital, empowered, less led by the issues of the day, and show personal leadership.
4. Culture and organizational change. In customized culture and organizational change programs, we provide leadership skills that support managers in developing the behaviors that fit the new culture.

Why does a program with brain & mind approach make a difference?

Leadership programs based on neuroleadership have the following advantages!

1. Scientific: It has a scientific basis. For many current managers, this is a prerequisite for confidence in an approach;
2. Practical: Leadership can easily get bogged down in lots of talks and little action. That is not possible with this approach. From the start, there will be practice;
3. Safety: In the considerable time we have been training based on neuroleadership, we have seldom experienced people not going along. Participants always indicated that they found;neuroleadership such a safe way while working on themselves;
4. Learning to lead yourself first: people start with leading themselves by managing their brain. This approach quickly creates the experience that they have influence over their behavior;
5. Community spirit: Neuroleadership that works from similarities instead of differences. Everyone has a brain, and in everyone’s case, this brain works in the same basic way;
6. Sustainable behavior change: Leadership development based on our approach (integrating scientific knowledge of how the brain works) guarantees sustainable behavioral change.

The Valk Leadership Company is an expert in training managers into people-centered leaders

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